1. Am I Financially Healthy?

  2. If My Wallet Could Talk!

  3. The Fight Between Needs and Wants.

  4. What Do I Really Buy?

  5. Turning My Pennies Into Dollars.

  6. Who Is Holding My Money?

  7. Watching My Money Like A Hawk!

  8. What Is the Big Deal About a Good Credit Score?

  9. Don't Mess With Bill!

10. The Real Cost of Bad Credit.

11. Savvy Super Saver!

12. My Financial Health Check-Up.

Economic empowerment that will inspire you to break the cycle of poverty for yourself and your children!

Live Financially Healthy Workshop Series Topics

Design your own Live Financially Healthy workshop experience

Contact us for a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to design and schedule a workshop experience that is custom to your needs.

Individualized Workshops:

During this call, we will focus on specific financial barriers that are currently hindering your financial health, and identify the appropriate workshop(s) to address those concerns. Live Financially Healthy workshops are offered throughout the City of Chicago and surrounding communities. You will also be added to our subscriber list to receive email updates regarding upcoming events and workshops.

Small Group and Organizational Workshop Series:

We offer the same specialized consultation to groups and organizations that desire to offer the Live Financially Healthy  workshops as part of the services available to their participants. In addition to the complimentary 15 minute phone consultation, we offer a complimentary 30 minute on-site consultation to take a closer look at your group's and/or organization's needs. During this meeting we will discuss the following:

1. The 12 Step Live Financially Healthy  workshop series.

2. Develop a customized facilitation schedule that is flexible for your            organization and participants.

3. Discuss investment cost.

4. Finalize agreements.​​